The big picture

How does an episode look like?

45 - 60 minutes

We try to keep it fun and short with a good mix between too wordy & too dense, but still leave plenty room for a meaningful conversation. 

Short Teaser

A short segment that captures the mood of the episode will be played before the intro to set expectations. 

Who's the guest?

I'll do my very best to introduce you & your background and then give you space to do it properly.

F*cked up Career choices

We all made one or two wrong turns or missed exits. Where did you miss an opportunity and what did you learn? What would you tell your younger self?

F*ucked up Product stories

What were your biggest fails as a product manager and what can we all learn from that experience?

Additional section

Lightning question round, note to your younger self, books that changed who you are as a product manager... we got some interesting things thrown in here and there.

We don't need more frameworks or pep talks.

The product management community is full of success stories, high level frameworks seaming like a silver bullet and visionary fluff. What we need are mistakes. Things that went horribly wrong. Stories we can learn from. Even the best product managers have skeletons in their closet. Please share your f*uck up stories with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What else should I know?

We try to help junior to senior product managers or those currently thinking or attempting to switch into this space.

So we assume the typical listener is between 25 and 45, coming from project management, user experience design, software engineering or customer success management. 

We distribute and target listeners all over the world with a focus on digital products and digitized business models. 

The episodes all follow the same basic structure: 

  • Introduction of you and your biggest career milestones
  • Your biggest career f*ck ups and learnings
  • Your biggest product f*uck up stories
  • 3 books that influenced you the most
  • Note to your younger self
  • Your 60 seconds of promotion. Talk about whatever you want. Your product, open job positions, a good cause that is important to you, a shout out to your mother that you are finally on the radio (kind of)...

While we don't script our conversation, it makes sense to prepare those topics with a few bullet points.

I'll send you a link to a shared google docs document with a template before the recording. 

For marketing purposes it will also help if you can send us:

  • A picture of you
  • A short bio (max 30 words)

We do record our episodes several weeks in advance and often have a queue of about 3 to 6 episodes waiting to be published. That way we take the stress out of recording, editing and scheduling. 

If there is a specific date you would like your episode to be released (because it fits with your content strategy, launch date or whatever) we can make that work. 

Regardless of the week we are publishing that specific episode, we will stick to the same rhythm and day of the week for releasing our episodes. 

We are only starting out right now and want to record a few episodes before releasing the first one. From experience the first episodes get the most listeners in the long run as many listeners come back and start the podcast at the beginning. 

Combined with your own marketing efforts (sharing, liking & commenting our LinkedIn posts for example) overall we estimate to reach at least a few thousand listeners per episode in the long run. 

While we don't want to make this is a 45 minute ad for your product or company, we will give you a segment in the end of the episode to promote whatever you want. 

Also we will include links that you deem important (your LinkedIn profile, webpage, careers page, shop,...) in the show notes. 

While we will record in a pretty high quality (and costly) studio setup on our end, we know that is not the situation for most our guests. 

You will need

  • A quiet room without distractions
  • Headphones
  • A webcam
  • The best microphone you can find 
  • A computer with a recent Chrome browser
  • A stable internet connections
  • Notifications and phone shut off / on focus mode

If you have a fancy mic: great, use it! If you only have the built-in laptop mic or your shiny AirPods we can make that work as well. 

We will have a little time before our recording to test out different setups if you want. 

Also I will be editing and mixing the sound to be as good as possible. That way I can reduce background noise and unwanted sounds most of the time. But it saves me a ton of work to record it with a good signal right from the start. 

We will use the tool Zencastr to record video & audio of the podcast. This will require the Chrome browser to be used. 

Thanks for asking! 

For sure we want your episode to reach as many people as possible. So please help spread the word! 

  • Send episode link to co workers and peers
  • Share in your company newsletter
  • Like & comment our LinkedIn posts 

On our end we will prepare and post about five posts over the course of several weeks to promote your episode. 

Also we will try to refer to your episode as much as possible until the end of time, if a wisdom nugget you shared fits a conversation or thread we are part of. 

We will usually have two Zoom/Teams calls: 

  1. a short prep call of max 30 minutes. I want to get to know you (and vice versa) and clarify all questions you might have. After this I will send you a shared Google Docs document for async preparation of our recording.
  2. Our recording time slot (approx. 60 minutes). After soundcheck we will head straight into recording.

Of course 🙂 Every good piece of content and knowledge deserves to be polished. For a 45 minute episode I spend at least 3 hours on editing.

That includes

  • Audio processing. Make our voices sound as good and clean as possible and make them the same level.
  • Cut segments or sentences without much value or were we need to start a thought again. 
  • Adding music, a teaser snippet

We try to keep it authentic and won't edit out every uhm... 

We currently experiment with releasing on youtube as well. Therefore we will record video as well. But we won't make any promises at this point since the podcast is still in it's very early days. 

Want to be on the show? Let me know!