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Strategy Framework for Digital Product Management Rockstars

Step by step guide for crafting and aligning your product vision, strategy and roadmap

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Have you ever wondered why some products or services just felt right to you? The truth is, success is not coming from an earth-shattering vision or from being charismatic. Success in product development and product management is about connecting the dots and translating the right vision into the right product.

There is no foolproof recipe for product strategy. But there is a process that enables you to craft your unique strategy. A constant rhythm of product management that guides you both in daily business decisions and on your long journey towards realizing your overarching vision. This book lays out the complete process with templates and checklists and gives you everything you need to be a product strategy rockstar.

These tools have been battle-proofed by companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and most of the startups you actually heard of. Think of them as a best-of-mixtape of product management practices put together in a unique, coherent package and process.

Including nine exclusive articles from industry experts and product leaders at McKinsey, XING, Kienbaum, Airfocus, Userlane and many more. 

Daniel Thulfaut is a passionate digital product & experience strategist and currently running an innovation lab for the award-winning brand studio Interactive Pioneers in Germany. He packs more than 15 years of experience and over 100 projects in product management, agile transformation and software development into this book.

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"Made me rethink our vision immediately. It is so much clearer now and I can feel how my team is more committed to this shared purpose. Great read!"


Steve Segoviano

"Awesome tips and insights! Just one gold nugget after the other... "


Sabrina Dietzler

"One of the best books on product management I have read in a long time. Highly recommended! The strategy blueprint alone is worth the price."


Antonino Melander

"If you are unsure about how to improve or build your strategy - this is the book for you! Read it cover to cover in one session and could apply it instantly."


Fabian Perelman

"Absolutely on point! We have always been too busy to think about strategy. Now we have more focus than ever and prioritize ruthlessly. Five stars!"


Jaquelin Stem

"Easy read with great humor. I've been a product owner for almost a decade but still learned a few really cool new approaches."


Stefan Schulte

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What will you learn from this book?

Product Vision

How to craft an extraordinary clear vision, align stakeholders and make progress towards your goals measurable.

Shaping Roadmap Themes

Learn why you should ditch user stories and how to shape problem focussed roadmap themes and items.

Product Strategy

Cut the fluff and create product strategies that you can base all decisions on  and that bring you closer to your vision.

Scaling Strategy Process

Hit the ground running with smaller and larger teams and scale the strategy process across products and roles. 

Agile Roadmaps

Skip the usual roadmaps and learn about agile roadmapping to bridge your strategy into actual development.

Checklists and Expert Insights

260 pages of strategy process advice including actionale checklists, chapter summaries and insights from the industry's brightest minds.

Daniel Thulfaut put over 17 years of experience into this book. He worked with and for hundreds of companies - including:




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What's in the book?

The good news is, bringing a great vision to life and drastically changing the odds of product success is something you can learn, and that can be repeated.

In this book, I will teach you all the steps you need to connect the dots between vision and version and enable teams to build products users love and buy.

  • Why you need a strategy process framework
  • Why I am the right coach to guide you
  • What to expect from this book

This book sets out to provide this strategy process and everything that you need to create incredible product strategies – again and again, and again.

  • Why should you read this book?
  • What is in it for non-product people?
  • What is in it for developers?
  • How the book is structured

To realize this massive impact, all product teams, startup or corporate, need to have three levels of guiding, which I call the holy trinity of product management: The vision, the strategy and the roadmap.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product, or your organization in these situations:

  • You don’t have a product vision, strategy and roadmap or can’t tell the difference.
  • Most discussions in your team are focussed on process and less on your product.
  • Your strategy describes a wild fantasy about the future and what mission your company is on.

When you look at job offerings in product management and search for the word „vision“, there is a good chance you will find it in most, if not all, vacancies. Product Managers are required to „have a great sense of vision & strategy“, „be strong communicators able to align teams to a shared vision“ and „think both visionary and strategic“. Still, many product managers have never actually created a proper product vision.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product, or your organization in these situations:

  • Your product idea is built around technology rather than a user’s problem.
  • You can’t exactly tell how much you progressed towards your vision with your last release.
  • You want to compete on every segment and feature with your competitors and have not chosen a very distinct value proposition.

Product Strategy is less about what you want to achieve but more about the how and why. So how exactly are you planning to journey towards your product vision? And why is this plan currently the best way to go?

Your product strategy is the glue between your product vision and your operative work.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product, or your organization in these situations:

  • With every arising crisis and problem, you rather hold board meetings and team discussions than consult your strategy document.
  • Your strategy is very high level and visionary, and you need to regularly explain why you work on stuff to your colleagues.
  • Most decisions of your strategy are based on gut feelings and assumptions rather than in-depth market research and idea validation.

Even if you are still new to product management and digital products in general, you are probably familiar with the concept of roadmaps. A roadmap is basically just a linear plan and timeline for your product. It details what you are planning to work on and when these work packages should be ready. Some roadmaps outline the next quarter, and some reach several years into the future. The sad truth is that roadmaps are the most commonly used planning technique in software development and also the least useful one.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product, or your organization in these situations:

  • Your roadmap contains features and deadlines for more than a few months.
  • Your success is measured by the number of features delivered and being on schedule.
  • You work in two-week sprints because the Scrum guy told you so.
  • You are not always working on discovery projects alongside your development and delivery.

One thing a lot of product managers struggle with is writing good roadmap or backlog items. Some try to nail the specification upfront and produce multi-page requirement documents and screen mockups of every possible state. Others try to wing it by sticking to the basic user story formula and avoid getting too detailed. There is a sweet spot between these extremes.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product, or your organization in these situations:

  • Your backlog is hard to read because every item starts with “As a user I want…”
  • You spend your time working on detailed screens for every possible state instead of shipping value and researching your next strategy.
  • Your acceptance criteria are spot on – yet nobody knows why that feature is actually being developed.

Regardless of hierarchy, management and leadership (which are not the same) focus mainly on three things: purpose, process, and people.

This chapter is crucial for you if you recognize yourself, your product or your organization in these situations:

  • You only work on strategy and vision if something huge (good or bad) happens.
  • You are growing and find it challenging to scale your product management team and their responsibilities.
  • You follow a well-known process framework without tailoring that process to your specific needs.

The cornerstone of agile methodologies like Scrum is the Agile Manifesto.

Unfortunately, the Agile Manifesto (and, for that matter, also most of the actual process frameworks) falls short in regard to adding value specifically to product management.

We need a Product Management Manifesto on top of the Agile Manifesto. We need values and principles that guide us on our journey to define the right product.

  • The four product centric values
  • 10 product management principles

Congratulations! By now, you should know everything you need for crafting incredible strategies, aligning everyone around a shared and user-centric vision and how to transform all this into tangible, shipped software.

  • Where to go from here?
  • Where to start?